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Steamboating - the Magazine

     Why are you calling it Steamboating Magazine?
     When did you re-start publishing Steamboating Magazine?
     What does it contain/what is it like?
     The drawings/plans are too small - can you make them larger?
     How do I submit my article for publication? ( and get a free issue )
     When will my subscription start?
     How much will a subscription cost?
     How can I subscribe?
     Do I get credit for any new subscribers I recommend?
     Are back issues available?
     How do I place an advertisement?

WHY ARE YOU CALLING IT STEAMBOATING MAGAZINE? To differentiate it from the its predecessors: Steamboat News was published from January 1985 through December 1988; Steamboating - the name was changed to "indicate an activity as opposed to a news publication about schedules, cruises, the new steam propelled warships, etc." - was published from Jan 1989 thru December 1992; Steamboating / Steamboaters Handbook was larger in size but only published quarterly, then biannually, and finally annually until 2000. Starting with 1993, it was given a annual volume number each year it was published. Since the last year it was previously published was Volume 9, then the next publishing year (2006) is Volume 10. It is easier to keep track of issues this way.

WHEN DID YOU RE-START PUBLISHING STEAMBOATING MAGAZINE? The first issue of Steamboating Magazine ( it was then called Steamboat News ) came out in Jan/Feb, 1985. It seemed only fitting that the first issue of the rebirth of Steamboating Magazine should occur in Jan/Feb... as in: Jan/Feb, 2006. The first issue, Vol. 10, No. 1, was mailed on January 31, 2006.
Image of covers   WHAT DOES IT CON- TAIN /WHAT IS IT LIKE? We talked with many steamboaters before we restarted publishing. No one objected to the original size. Most pre-ferred it! NONE favored the larger size. For the foreseeable future, issu-es will be in that smaller size with a similar layout and format. The contents will be mostly about the "nuts & bolts" of hobby steamboating and cover everything from boilers to rudders. The physical magazine is printed on 64# opaque glazed non acid stock, with digital reproduction of drawings and images; and, of course, with "The Yellow Cover". Steamboating Magazine will be mailed via first class mail at the end of each two month date.TOP

THE DRAWINGS/PLANS ARE TOO SMALL - CAN YOU MAKE THEM LARGER? Physical size of the magazine limits reproduction size of drawings. They are available in a larger size from this website by selecting "Enlarged Drawings" in "NAVIGATION" to the left (or at the bottom of the page). Each should print out 8.5" x 11".TOP

HOW DO I SUBMIT AN ARTICLE FOR PUBLICATION? Subscribers to Steamboating Magazine have always been the primary source of articles and this will continue to be so. And - any article we use, the author will have their subscription extended by ONE issue for FREE! We hope that some of those who have contributed so generously of their knowledge and expertise will, again, take pen (or keyboard) in hand and write. But "newcomers" are also welcome to contribute! If you've come up with a new "twist" or idea, write an article and submit it. We'll take care of grammar and spelling. Put your ideas on paper (or in pixels). And a picture (or diagram) is truly worth a thousand words, so help others to better understand by including images. Articles may be emailed to: or mailed to: Steamboating, 10325 NE Hoyt Street, Portland, OR 97220-4016, USA.TOP

WHEN WILL MY SUBSCRIPTION START? Your subscription will start on the date we receive your payment. ALL subscriptions must be prepaid BEFORE the "printing date" - the first day of the next issue. What this means is that subscriptions for the Jan/Feb issue MUST be received before midnight of the last day of February. Any subscription received after that date will start with the Mar/Apr issue. And so forth. This is fairly straightforward and will help us to keep our costs and inventory down, but it does mean you must plan ahead!TOP

HOW MUCH WILL A SUBSCRIPTION COST? We've taken into account probable postal rate increases as well as other projected cost increases and feel comfortable setting out the following subscription rates - which are in US Dollars:
US and Territories . . $ 30/year
Canada . . . . . . . . . .  $ 35/year
Overseas . . . . . . . . . $ 40/yearTOP

HOW CAN I SUBSCRIBE? We accept credit cards or money orders. To pay by CREDIT CARD use the PayPal button below - and you don't have to be a PayPal Member to use this service. To pay by MONEY ORDER just click on the "SUBSCRIPTION FORM" button, print it out, fill it out and mail it, along with your money order, to the address on the form.

BUY IT NOWSubscription FormTOP

DO I GET CREDIT FOR ANY NEW SUBSCRIBERS I RECOMMEND? Yes. For each new subscriber that you, as a subscriber, recommend to Steamboating Magazine, you will have your subscription extended by one issue. They have to fill in your name on the subscription form "Recommended by" or the "Comments" box on the PayPal payment form for you to receive credit.TOP

ARE BACK ISSUES AVAILABLE? To keep the costs down, we do not print more copies than the number of subscribers at the time of printing (See: "WHEN WILL MY SUBSCRIPTION START" above). You may purchase back issues - thanks to "on demand" printing - but the cost will be greater. You may purchase them by selecting "Back Issues" in "NAVIGATION" to the left (or at the bottom of the page).TOP

HOW DO I PLACE AN ADVERTISEMENT? Advertising in Steamboating Magazine is easy. Select "Advertising Rules" in "NAVIGATION" to the left (or at the bottom of the page).TOP

We hope you will not only enjoy your subscription to Steamboating Magazine, but will also decide to contribute and share your knowledge with others.

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