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Below you will find a list of each issue of Steamboating Magazine starting with Jan/Feb, 2006. Underneath each issue is a listing of the drawings, by article title, which are available. Selecting a "drawing" will open a new window where you can view the drawing and either download it to your computer or print it by selecting the appropriate commands from your browser toolbar. The images are designed to fit onto 8.5" x 11" paper. When you are finished, close the window and you'll be returned to this page.

JAN/FEB, 2006
Oil Burning in SL Otter
Fig. 1: Oil Burner, S.L. Otter
Fig. 2: Firebox and Burner, S.L. Otter
Fig. 3: Steam Pressue Regulator, S.L. Otter

MAR/APR, 2006
A Wood-Fired Monotube Boiler
Sprite Grids as Seen from Above
Front View of Tubing Bundle
Right Side View of Tubing Bundle

MAY/JUN, 2006
All drawings should be adequately sized

JUL/AUG, 2006
A Bell & A Jingle
Standard Bell Code

SEP/OCT, 2006
An Inboard ("Shell") Condenser
S. L. Artemis - Condenser and Piping
Tests with Vaporizing Burner #9
Vaporizing Burner #9

NOV/DEC, 2006
Building a Putt-Putt Boat with Kids
A Beginners Steamboat

JAN/FEB, 2007
A Simple Steam Atomizing Burner
Steam Atomizing Burner

MAR/APR, 2007
All drawings should be adequately sized

MAY/JUN, 2007
Bob's Folly - Bibliography with online links:
1.Robert Fulton, Engineer and Artist (best info on engine),H. W. Dickinson, London, 1913,
Chapter VIII & Illustrations
2.Fourth Annual Report on the Hudson-Fulton Celebration Commission to the Legislature
of the State of New York, Edward Hagaman Hall, L.H.M., L.H.D., Albany, 1910
3.Robert Fulton Commercial Steamboat, Inventor of the Week, M.I.T., 2006
4.Robert Fulton, His Life and its Results, R. H. Thurston, Dodd, Mead & Co., New York 1891
5.Robert Fulton and his Life's Work, The Scientific American, Sept. 25, 1909

JUL/AUG, 2007 through NOV/DEC, 2008
All drawings should be adequately sized

JAN/FEB, 2009 through NOV/DEC, 2009
All drawings should be adequately sized.

SEP/OCT, 2013
A Lightweight Steam Engine and Monotube Boiler by Tony Anderson, him for more info
Engine showing Dyno mounting.jpg"
Engine Cylinder with Cutaway
General view of Stevenson's Linkage
Detail of "rolling" link block
Condenser core without casing/shell
Schematic of engine, boiler and all accessories/auxilliaries
One of 9 pancake coils
Stack of nine pancake coils
Superheater burner showing placement with main burner and superheater heat shield
Separator Design Drawing
Photo of Separator being assembled
Photo of LVDP pressure gauge - page 22
Boiler and controls disassembled
Pressure/Temperature/Timing Control Chart - page 25/26
Components assembled, tested, and ready for installation
Author's software to control the boiler - see Proton "Basic" below
Websites which supply materials or information which will aid in assembling this project.
Proton "Basic" Firm which developed/sells the electronic pieces and software for this setup
Additional discussions concerning small, lightweight monotubve designs and controls

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