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From Heron of Alexandria's Aeophile through multiple expansion engines to turbines, this explains it all in layman's terms with pics and animations.

Put together by Spirax Sarco, these tutorials explain the principles of steam engineering and heat transfer. They also provide a comprehensive engineering best practice guide covering all aspects of steam and condensate systems; from the boiler house and steam distribution system up to the point of use; through the condensate recovery system and returning to the boiler. Virtually all major applications and products are discussed.


A  BOY'S  WILL - Earl Morse in Maine

ADELAIDE - Captain Don Fenstermacher, Sr. on Lake Nockamixon, PA

AURORA  BOREALIS - Al Dunlop at the shores of Lake George, NY

CAPTAIN  BELL - Dave & Jan Bell in Wheeler, Oregon

CLASSIC STEAMBOAT CRUISES - Cruise Melbourne's Yarra River, AU

DUKE OF MARLBOROUGH - One hour steamboat tours of Picton harbor, NZ

ELPENOR - David Ayers' boat in the UK

MIDSHIP22 BLOG - Thierry Febvret, Versailles, France

MY SIDEWHEELER - Ken Brockway in Cohoes, New York

NEW ZEALAND STEAM SCENE - Russell Ward & his S.L. Romany

No name yet - William Gill in Troy, New York

OTASELL - Wally Mounster in Hobart, Tasmania

OTTER - Bart Smaalders in the San Francisco Bay area of California

PEGASUS - Ed Hass in Santa Rosa, California

RaMi - Rainer Radow builds a small steamboat

SALTY - Rogers Machine builds a steel steam tug near Detroit

SENTA - Roger Calvert in England

SPLASH - Bart Hoebel, Lambertville, NJ, steam sternwheeler classroom

STEAM OUTBOARD - Wally Mounster in Hobart, Tasmania

TRIPLE EXPANSION ENGINE - Peter Cowie's Elliott Bay Engine build



Boiler Forum - hosted by a retired steam pipefitter

Chesapeake Steamboat Forum Group - S.T. Baltimore / Chesapeake Bay.

Classic Steam Engine Engineering Forum - lots of good "build it yourself" info

Fulton's Followers - Group building a replica of the Clermont's engine.

HasBrouck Engines Group - Yahoo group for building HasBrouck engines.

Steam Whistles - for those interested in steam whistles.

Steamboat eGroup

The Steamboating Forum - has space for pics!



S.T. Alwyn Vintcent - preserving South Africa's last steam tug

Amateurs de Bateaux à Vapeur (French Hobby Steam Boaters)

Association for the "La Palma" Steamer Restoration

Clermont State Historic Site Home of the Bicentennial of Fulton's Clermont

Delaware River Steamboat Floating Classroom - What it says

Deutscher Dampfboot Verein (German Steamboat Society)

S.S. Elfin and S.S. Jacob Langeberg

Finnish Steam Yacht Assoc. - lots of lakes, lots of firewood, 80 steamboats!

Historic Sternwheeler Preservation Society - paddlewheeler links!

International Association for the Advancement of Steam Power

Muskoka Steamship & Historical Society

Kinetic Steam Works - what can I say - they're in California!

Mystic Seaport Museum - Home of S.S. Sabino

New England Wireless and Steam Museum - excellent links page!

New Zealand National Maritime Museum - operating steamboats.

Nomadic Preservation Society - preserving the last White Star vessel afloat.

North American Steam Boat Association

Northwest Steam Society

Norwegian Veteran Ships Club - S.S. Styrbj÷rn and S.D. B°r°ysund

Oregon Maritime Center & Museum - sternwheel tug Portland

Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society

Steam Boat Association of Great Britain

Steamboat Association of Australia

Steamboat Association of Sweden

Steamer Virginia V Foundation

S. S. Master Society

Steam Tug Baltimore

Vapores del Atlantico S.L. (Steambark Hidria II)

Vereingung Schweizer Dampfbootefreunde (Swiss Steamboat Society)

Vereniging Stoomvaart (Dutch Steam Society)

Windemere Steamboats & Museum



Hobby Steamboaters Web Ring

Juneau Steamboat Company - Juneau, Alaska, tours by steamboat

Kent Lacey - photos, articles, steamboating stuff!

The Legend of Steamboatin' Deutschland

MIDSHIP - in French and in France

New Zealand Steam Scene

Oriane - Laurent Marchal

Rainer Radow's Steam Boat Page - lots of good info

Riverboat Dave's Paddlewheeler Site

Richardson Bay Steamboat Renaissance of the 1960s

Rivermen & Riverboats

Stanley Steamers - Several pages on hobby steamboats

Steam esteem - Great info on marine boilers, fuel, problem solving

S.L. Firedance - Bob Shearer

S.L. Min Deern - Elliott Bay hull, Pearl engine & Ofeldt boiler in Germany

Steam "Yot" Tryall and S.L. Lisa Ann - Rolly Evans

STEAMLINKS - What the name says, with over 100 online-reading steam books.

Triple Expansion Launch Engine - Building the Elliott Bay engine




A & K Enterprises - small valves, injectors, atomizing oil burners...

ACS Engineering - model marine steam plants; custom engineering

Astragal Press - The Whistle's Moan, The American Steam Gauge

Atkin Boat Plans - some potential steamboat hulls.

B2┼nga - in Swedish, but "┼ng" = steam and "bat" = boat

Beckmann Boatshop - everything you need to build a hobby steamboat

Bjorklund Steam - manufacture an 80mm x 80mm engine.

Boothbay Railway Village - machining services and code boiler work

Calvert Technical Press - "Steam Engine Principles", "Steamboating Guide"... - the name says it, and lots of 'em

Colonial Iron Works, Ltd. - engines and boilers in Kiwi land

Connecticut Antique Engine Restoration - steam engine restoration

Crosby Organ Pipe Steam Whistles - and other Crosby reproduction components

Creative Marine - builders of the Frolic range of launches

Davey & Company London Ltd - LARGE selection of marine hardware and fittings

Elliott Bay Steam Launch Co. - engines, boilers, boats & books

Essex Brass - this is the lubricator page, but there's much more

Fuel Efficiency, LLC - make Brock Turbulators for firetube boilers - Paul Gartside, designer & boatbuilder

Gray Barn Machine Shop - calliopes, whistles, restoration

Green Velvet - Steam Engine Lubrication Specialties (small quantities)

HasBrouck Engines - plans for engines without castings

Heritage Steam Supplies - packing, gaskets, tube brushes

Herron Rail Video - trains, traction engines, steamboats

The Knotted Line - fenders, mats, bell lanyards, monkey's fists...

Lee W. Pederson - steam and antique gas engine parts

Lindsay's Technical Books - "The" Lindsay book folks, online

Martin Model & Pattern - cast iron flywheels from 3" to 60"

Michael Porter - marine design; does steamboats

Midwest Model Steam Products - Select "BH-2" at the page top/left

Mosquito Enterprises, Inc. - hulls, engines, code boilers

Myers Engine Works - excellent steam powered duplex feed pump kit

Northeast Controls - relex gauges in many sizes and pressures

Old Time Tech - produce an excellent and authentic steam siren.

Pearl Engine Co. - single & twin cylinder engines: castings, machined, assembled

Perfectly Pretty Comfy Clothing Company - period clothing

Pop Pop Boats - get started small or add a tender to your 16 footer

Port Townsend Foundry - a full service nonferrous foundry

Preston Services - used steam boats and marine engines

Quest Tek Solutions - Relex gauges and fittings.

Rappahannock Boat Works - from "bare" hulls to complete steam launches

Reliable Steam Engine Co - engines, boilers, accessories & boat plans

Selway-Fisher Design - hull designs

Steamshop - major distributor for valves, gauges, burners, liquid level controls...

Strath Steam - engines

Stuart Models - Again offer castings sets for the Nos. 1, 5A, 6A marine engines

Sustainable Village - Steam Engines section, but many other interesting products

T. J. Williams Ltd. - sensing gauges w/custom dials

Tecalemit - centralised pressure lubrication systems (bearings, crossheads)

Tiny Power - engines

Traditional Boatshop (Elegance Launches) - complete boats

United Brass - All the valves you need

Western Locomotive Supply - whistles and whistle parts

Wilkie Steam - 70mm x 70mm no castings engine



Early Steam Engines

Live Steam & Outdoor Railroading - good info on hobby steam and metalworking.

Mother of All Maritime Links - make a large pot of coffee!

The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors - six data bases linking to all kinds of marine stuff.

Silva Bay Shipyard School - near Nanaimo, British Columbia

Steam Launch Artemis Website Design - custom website design.


Twain Times - diagram of "working" sternwheel engine.


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