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     What is the purpose of the International Steamboat Society?
     What can I expect from the ISS?
     How can I join?
     Is there a way I can advertise steam stuff I want to sell?
     Will you revive the steamboating ezine?
     Will you be reprinting the Steamboater's Handbook?
     Will you be reprinting any other old ISS material?
     Will you be selling ISS logo caps/burgees/patches/etc.?
     Do you offer online credit card payment?
     You haven't answered all my questions - how can I contact you?

WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF THE INTERNATIONAL STEAMBOAT SOCIETY? Bill Mueller said it best back in the beginning: "The International Steamboat Society was conceived and initiated in 1984 for the purpose of forming a link and a means of communication for the many steamboat enthusiasts throughout the world. The word 'steamboat' as used here means any steam-powered, generally non-commercial water-craft: canoe, dinghy, launch, model, paddlewheeler, replica, tug, yacht, etc. The Society is open to anyone who owns, will own, has owned, or simply has an interest in steamboats."TOP
WHAT CAN I EXPECT FROM THE ISS? Eventually most of the things that you've come to expect in the past. The Jan/Feb 2006 issue of Steamboating Magazine was mailed on January 31, 2006. You can find out more and order by looking under the "STEAMBOATING MAG." header in "NAVIGATION" to the left (or at the bottom of the page). As part of the sale we received the inventory of the remaining magazines, books, and handbooks. These are now listed on the "Book Locker" page - also found in "NAVIGATION" (or at the bottom of the page).TOP
HOW CAN I JOIN? Subscribing to Steamboating Magazine will make you a Member for as long as the subscription lasts.TOP
IS THERE A WAY I CAN ADVERTISE STEAM STUFF I WANT TO SELL? As a Member of the ISS you may advertise on this website at no charge. Just choose the "Classifieds" button from the "NAVIGATION" bar to the right to go to the Online Classified Advertising page to submit your ad and see hobby steamboating equipment for sale. You may also advertise in Steamboating Magazine but there is a limit on the number of words, and there is a charge for pictures - click on the "Advertising Rules" button.TOP
WILL YOU REVIVE THE STEAMBOATING EZINE? Steamboating Magazine should fill the gap that the ezine was "trying" to fill. We say "trying" as ISS Membership dropped from over 1,000 to less than 350 when the "hard copy" Steamboating/Steamboater's Handbook stopped publication. Many people still do not have a computer and/or prefer the "feel" and "permanence" of the printed page. And the ezine format precludes using much in the way of images. Starting with the Jan/Feb, 2008 issue, Steamboating Magazine reprints useful selections from Steamboating Online ezine under the heading "Bitts & Pieces". And there are already several bulletin boards/forums for hobby steamboating - you can find them on the "Links" page.TOP
WILL YOU BE REPRINTING THE STEAMBOATER'S HANDBOOK? Yes. But it is a long process as there is much editing to be done - maybe it will be ready sometime in 2008. It will be published in "hard copy" (paper), on CD, or both and will be listed on the "Book Locker" page when it becomes available.TOP
WILL YOU BE REPRINTING ANY OTHER OLD ISS MATERIAL? We do not plan, at this time, to reprint any back copies of the original Steamboating - although some individual articles may be "reprinted" in Steamboating Magazine. Other materials which Bill published/reprinted may be made available in the future, depending on demand and time - but probably when what we received from Bill's estate is sold, there will be no more. So check the "Book Locker" page.TOP
WILL YOU BE SELLING ISS LOGO CAPS/BURGEES/PATCHES/ETC. We plan, at a minimum, to make available the following items with the ISS logo on them: baseball caps, "T" shirts, patches, name tags, belt buckles, brass boat plaques. If you have any suggestions, please use the "Email Us" in "NAVIGATION" (or at the bottom of the page) to suggest them. These items will be sold on the "Slop Chest" page, so when you see that button in "NAVIGATION", there will be items listed.TOP
DO YOU OFFER ONLINE CREDIT CARD PAYMENT? Yes, we use PayPal as an online credit card processing facility. We will, of course, accept money orders - but they will have to be in US Dollars. This way we will be able to ship your order upon receipt rather than waiting for a check to "clear". We don't want to eliminate those who do not have a credit card, but there will be the delay due to postal services.TOP
YOU HAVEN'T ANSWERED ALL MY QUESTIONS - HOW CAN I CONTACT YOU? Click on "Email Us" in "NAVIGATION" to the left (or at the bottom of the page).TOP

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